Meet Shelly Cannon


Shelly Cannon is a highly experienced writer, truth seeker, strategic brandshaper, creative trailblazer, conceptual collaborator and perpetual optimist. She is an enthusiastic observer of culture everywhere, and uses creativity to inspire people in a deeply meaningful way.

A stickler for making creative as compelling as it can be, she has worked on content and campaigns for more than two decades: from architecture to art and design, placemaking to video production, tourism to sporting events, luxury real estate, media and business.  Add 501(c)3 charities including one that restores voices for Parkinson’s and stroke victims through music. She also writes content for clients who have existing agencies or marketing teams. Her most satisfying moments are when clients are excited that she completely got who they were.

Shelly’s awarded brand communications and content value substance over style while being provocative and fun. A lover of language and words, she attributes her affinities to competitive Scrabble tournaments with her father and reading insightful literary quotes at an early age. An indelible memory is of her self-taught father reading the dictionary. Shelly hasn’t met a prepositional phrase she doesn’t like, and says a bad day writing taglines is better than a good day doing anything else, except going to the beach.

When not negotiating with nouns and verbs, she gets into action with a few verbs of her own: working out at Orangetheory Fitness, hiking, yoga, playing tennis and doing art. She is a passionate reader who believes you cannot be a good writer unless you are. Favorite books include Creative Confidence, Tom and Dave Kelley; The Signature of All Things and Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert. She says, Keep your footprint small and your ideas big.

Shelly majored in communications, with a specialty in advertising and public relations. She received her Bachelor of Arts in communications at the University of South Carolina.

To have a conversation, contact or 760.574.9860.